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What you need to know about PCI Compliance

When processing payments from your customers through a call centre environment, there are a few key elements to consider:

  • Compliance - Often recordings need to be paused to protect information however this can create issues with compliance and audit trails. If there is a break in the call recording when the payment is being taken, the merchant is at risk of non-conformance and has no evidence of what has occurred during the payment transaction.
  • Customer Experience - If a customer is forwarded to an automated facility to process the payment and they experience issues, there's a risk that the customer may abandon the call which puts the sale at risk. Ensuring the customer has support throughout the transaction process can help improve their experience and guarantee the sale.
  • Privacy - protecting your customers' payment details is paramount for earning their trust and for  your compliance. Therefore, a payment solution that removes the opportunity for the customers' payment details to be captured by the agent whilst still maintaining contact, is ideal. This is achieved by having no visible information or audible tones whilst transacting the payment. 
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PCI Key Benefits

  • Real time credit checking ensures the payment is guaranteed.
  • Meets PCI DSS requirements for piece of mind.
  • Compatible with all contact centre technologies.
  • The caller and agent are connected for the entire call, ensuring the best customer experience and a successful outcome whilst ensuring confidential card holder data is kept secure and private.
contactSPACE PCI Compliant Payments
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