Integrations - Connections to your data

Automate two-way data transfer to ensure accurate and responsive connections

Standard CRM Integrations

  • Easy to use Wizard-driven CRM integrations to connect and configure to your contactSPACE Initiatives.
  • Reduce your CRM license costs by up to 75% through contactSPACE integration.
  • Connect your CRM to have a dynamic link between your data and contactSPACE.
  • Update records, including call notes and call outcomes automatically.
  • Leverage your CRM's workflows by incorporating call results into communication triggers for lead nurturing.
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Advanced Integration via API

  • Comprehensive and secure, the API gateway enables custom integration between contactSPACE and your other applications.
  • Configure the timing and frequency of updates to suit your needs.
  • No limits to the quantity or frequency of transactions per day.
  • Fully customisable, enabling you to achieve your intergration requirements.

contactSPACE is integrated with a number of payment gateway solutions.

  • payment express
  • Bpoint
  • Paycorp Payment Services
  • IP Payments
  • SecurePay
  • ANZ eGate
  • flow2cash


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