Features & Benefits




  • 100% Cloud-based
  • Hosted in Amazon AWS
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Australian Data hosted in Australian Data centres
  • UK / US data hosted in UK/US data centres
  • National Call Collection
  • webRTC (No soft or hard phone requirement)
  • G.711 Voice Quality
  • No Voice Transcoding
  • QoS deliverables

Agent Interface

  • contactSPACE CallGuides®
  • Scripting, knowledge base and Call Workflow Engine
  • Dynamic Call Adaption
  • HTML5 Compatible
  • Integrated KPI Dashboards
  • Integrated webRTC Phone
  • Callback Management
  • Data entry
  • Voice / SMS / Email / Live Chat / Video Chat all accessible through CallGuides®


  • Live Agent Statistics
  • Live Calling Statistics
  • Live Dialer Performance
  • Live Data Performance
  • Sentiment ‘Emoticon’ dashboards
  • Call Monitoring (Live Call Listen, Barge, Whisper)
  • Interactive Initiative KPI Dashboards
  • Interactive Agent KPI Dashboards


Create and configure Initiatives for:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Live Chat
  • Email & SMS
  • Quality Assurance & Management
  • Out-of-the-box CRM Integrations for Salesforce, ZoHo CRM, HubSpot & SugarCRM

  • Edit calling hours by time zone, time of day and week
  • Create, manage and upload contact data
  • Configure Skills and users by Initiative


  • Play/Edit/Pause Initiatives
  • One-Click Initiative ‘Health’ Checker – (identifies any issues)
  • Edit Initiative configuration - calling hours and time zone
  • Edit Initiative configuration - data filters and CLI Management
  • Intuitive Dialler configuration – (Preview, Progressive, Predictive)
  • Pre-Connect Call Status Analyser w/ Answering Machine Detection
  • Dialler Recall Rules Configuration
  • Email & Payment Gateway Configurable Settings
  • Productivity Enhancing Tools (Auto-Wrap, Callback Management)
  • Manage and recycle contact data
  • Edit contact data fields
  • Copy, Edit and Delete Initiatives
  • Live view of initiative Dashboards

User Administration

  • Create, edit and manage users
  • Create security groups
  • Create user groups
  • Bulk Add, Edit, Delete

Skills-based Routing

  • Cross-Channel
  • Assignment of Agents to Initiatives
  • Assignment of groups to Initiatives
  • Variable skill level against each Agent and Group

Voice Recordings

  • Listen, download and manage call recordings
  • Search for recordings by date/agent/initiative
  • View and Edit Call Recording Retainment
  • View Call Recording Retainment Costs
  • Archive using API or FTP


  • Pivot Table Style Reporting – Unlimited report views
  • Agent Performance Reports
  • Outbound Performance Reports
  • Inbound Performance Reports
  • Email Performance Reports
  • Live Chat Performance Reports
  • Payment Gateway Reports
  • Quality Assurance Reports
  • Consolidated Reports
  • Report on call statistics Preview, Talk, Wrap and Pause
  • Outcome reporting by Agent and Initiative
  • Report on conversions
  • Report on call activity, number of calls, connects, no answers
  • Export to excel
  • Filter based on date, agent and initiative

Interface Designer

  • Create, edit and manage Initiative user interfaces
  • Tailor page workflow
  • Create, edit and manage outcomes and groups from initiatives
  • Unlimited pages
  • HTML 5 compliant
  • Insert fields, contact details and images into CallGuides®

Data Management

  • Import data via CSV, or our API Module or CRM Integration
  • Export data by initiative, outcome, dataset and date
  • Scheduled filters that apply based on time-based rules
  • Target filters that apply based on attributes or contact records
  • Add, edit and manage contact records
  • Manage call backs including re-assignment to agents
  • Search records by phone number for history and recordings
  • Audit trail
  • Data load history

Quality Assurance and Management

  • Wizard Driven QA initiative creation
  • Customisable Question and Scoring Matrix
  • Customisable Data Feeds and Frequency
  • Fast QA agent login and access to Call Recording and scoring
  • Dynamics Pass/Fail Outcome and database logging
  • 360 degree After Call Survey/QA scorer/Agent quality management and feedback delivery

Inbound Management

  • Inbound number routing
  • Create, edit and manage Inbound IVR
  • Create, edit and manage call queues
  • Upload audio files for voice mail, hold music, call whispers, and welcome messages
  • Create, edit and manage voice mail inboxes for inbound initiatives
  • Create, edit and manage the time of day routing rules for inbound initiatives.
  • Agentless PCI Compliant IVR

Administration tools

  • Monitor licenses & call credit
  • Management of CLI’s both inbound and outbound
  • List of available extensions
  • Create & Manage Pause Reasons
  • Manage visibility of initiatives

contactSPACE Pulse

  • Value Add Monitoring and Consulting Service
  • Regular Statistical Checks and recommendations
  • Monthly Review and Client Meeting


  • Phone, Email, Web-based Support
  • Local Australian and UK support
  • Direct from solution owner and developer
  • Ticketing System


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