Inside Sales doesn’t have to be On-Premise Sales.


Inside Sales encompasses the sourcing of leads, nurturing those leads and then converting them into customers, without ever leaving the office. With the drive to reduce operating costs, increasingly, organisations are favouring inside sales teams with a phone and inbox over field sales teams. There are no travel-related expenses, and the technology enables sales teams to work more efficiently, essentially covering a lot more ground from the “office” than they could by being out on the road. Not only are inside sales teams more successful, the technology is also enabling work-from-home workforces, bringing about additional benefits to organisations, such as reduced costs normally associated with office space, and being able to engage the best sales teams from outside the local area.

Technology is in part responsible for the rise in popularity of inside sales teams, with many organisations adopting the traditional contact centre methodology of speaking to more people and having better conversations. Contact centre technology is providing the tools they need to make more contacts, improve the quality of their conversations and to close more deals, more efficiently. contactSPACE, for example, provides powerful productivity features such as Lead Prioritisation to prevent “cherry picking” of leads; Management Workflow Controls that enforce lead and workflow logic set by management, and List Penetration features that automatically distribute leads evenly and thoroughly. The reality is, that sales reps only need to have a reliable internet connection, a laptop and a headset to be able to reach customers and prospects across a variety of communications channels, from almost anywhere in the world.

Cloud contact centre technology may be the enabler, however, the shift to inside sales teams can also be attributed to the changing demands on the customers’ time. This fact has helped shape the modern inside sales team, as customers had less and less available time to see people unless it was necessary. Inside sales teams are readily available by phone so customers can reach them whenever they want to do business, allowing the sales rep to provide the customer with outstanding customer experience, which will lead to increased sales. Sales teams are no longer reliant on field interactions to create positive customer connections. Buyers are becoming more accepting of remote selling processes as they use the web to research product information, and are more comfortable communicating with sellers via email, phone and web conferencing, and in fact, often prefer these methods to face-to-face interactions.

As contact centre solutions have evolved, so too have the possibilities. As a productivity tool, they don’t come much better than the cloud-based solution by contactSPACE, which was “born in the cloud”. Being a cloud-based solution also means that inside sales teams are no longer restricted to being another “on-premise” team, rather they can be wholly or partly comprised of a remote workforce. The benefits of remote workforces have been known for some time, such as being able to attract talent beyond any geographic boundry; easy scalability and enjoying reduced operating costs. As the technology is simple and cost-effective to implement across a remote workforce, more an more organisations such as Ourtel have reached out to contactSPACE to help with their inside sales teams.

In Part 2, we’ll discuss up-selling and cross-selling, and how AI and Machine Learning is shaping the contact centre of the future.

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