Fundraising for Charities

Many charities are not able to gain sufficient funding from government or business to support their overheads. Fundraising for Charities is a necessity and one that isn’t as easy as…

The fight against Card Not Present fraud

According to the Australian Payments Clearing Association’s report on Australian Payments Fraud 2016 over 80% of all payment fraud was through Card Not Present Fraud Transactions (CNP). This represents over…

The Power of Three

Two key customer relationship management trends of 2016 are the adoption of marketing automation, and mapping omnichannel customer experiences to one source of truth. (more…)

Can CallGuides® help with staff turnover?

Turnover in the Contact Centre Industry is a constant and ongoing challenge. With many team members being transient and young or the offering is complex and often candidates don’t finish the onboarding…

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