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Cloud Contact Centre Software for Debt Collections

Chase payments efficiently


The only software you'll ever need to help you get paid faster!


contactSPACE is a cloud-based contact centre technology solution that allows you to:
  • chase more customers in your working day
  • achieve high recovery rates through efficiency gains
  • have better conversations with your customers
  • easily integrate with your existing systems
  • reduce the administrative costs associated with the manual chasing of debts

"It's easy to get up and running, and because it's wizard-driven it's very easy to use."


CallGuides® makes communicating better! 

We understand that providing effective debt recovery services requires specialist skills developed over time, and training new staff takes time and resources. To assist with onboarding new staff and to get them communicating effectively immediately, we've developed a solution called CallGuides® which guides them through the calls, as if they were seasoned experts.

CallGuides® will deliver immediate benefits across the entire team and it can also play an important role in your Quality Management System (QMS). 


Skills-based routing makes a lot of sense

Skills-based routing gives you the ability to distribute the aged debtors list intelligently amongst your collections team, ensuring that the best person available is assigned to specific customers. 

Features that get results

contactSPACE is feature-rich with powerful tools that help you get better outcomes!  Schedule calls at the best times of the day based on strategy developed through historical data. Other features you'll find usefull include clear voice recording with easy call listening, live or recorded, plus readily available historical notes. With faster, guided communication, you'll be reaching more customers and getting better results every time.


This easy to use solution delivers:

► Clearer customer communications with CALLGUIDES®

► Reduced administrative costs

► Simple PCI compliance

► Wizard-driven simplicity

► Accurate communications with sensitive customers using skills-based routing

► More calls per hour

► Easy call recording

► Detailed notes history

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Credit collections employees using contact centre software.

Why contactSPACE?

API integration.
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove duplication
  • Automate tasks
Omnichannel communication.
  • Single user interface
  • Voice, SMS, Email, Chat
  • "Call Me Now" web widgets
PCI compliance.
  • Maintain Call Recordings
  • Protect your customers privacy
  • Reduce your cost of compliance
Performance dashboards.
  • Live performance dashboards
  • Extensive Reporting
  • All data accessible through API
Custom CallGuides®.
  • CallGuides™ with dynamic page flow
  • Reduce the cost of on-boarding
  • Increase collections
Advanced diallers.
  • Preview, Progressive, Predictive
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Configurable call attempt rules
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