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Cloud Contact Centre Software for Inside Sales Teams

Reduce friction, make more sales.


The only software you'll ever need to help you make more sales!


Empower your inside sales team to:
  • Use sales best practices consistently
  • Handle calls more efficiently and make more calls with less effort
  • Call prospects at the optimum time with call-time optimiser
  • Improve customer retention
  • Take advantage of working remotely

Often, sales teams are more interested in the activities which are directly related to closing sales than any "administrative" tasks such as updating records in the CRM or sending important follow-up emails. In fact, many sales teams are operating without any established processes or adherence to standards. These activities and processes have traditionally been the source of friction, limiting the true potential of inside sales teams, until now.

"contactSPACE unleashes the full potential of inside sales teams by reducing the friction."

How does contactSPACE reduce friction and increase sales performance?

contactSPACE provides a sales framework with substantial functionality in an easy to use solution. Working with customer records is made easy as contactSPACE automates many of the manual tasks associated with CRM use. Our out-of-the-box integration with CRMs enables sales teams to work with customer details in the CRM without ever having to leave the contactSPACE environment. Because the CRM is updated automatically, it ensures that critical CRM "housekeeping" is being carried out and your database is always accurate. You can read more about CRM integration here.   

The CallGuides® feature guides your sales team throughout the call, providing proven scripts (written by you) consistently at every stage of the conversation. This allows new team members to become successful immediately, and ensures successful outcomes across the sales team. 

contactSPACE also makes lead prioritisation a simple, easy and fair process. With queue-based dialling, you're able to maintain a fair distribution of leads amongst your team by eliminating the practice of "cherry-picking".  Also, by using skills-based routing, you can match the attributes of a lead or customer to the skills of your team so that calls go to the "best person for the job". This reduces caller frustration, provides better customer service, and improves the outcome of the calls.

Irrespective of the dialling tool being used, you'll always be able to respond to web-based enquiries ASAP (LIFO method), and with the new call-time optimiser you'll be able to achieve even more success as your calls can be scheduled for the optimum time of day for that specific call.

"With call-time optimiser, we know exactly who to call and when to call them!"


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Why contactSPACE?

API integration.
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove duplication
  • Automate tasks
Omnichannel communication.
  • Single user interface
  • Voice, SMS, Email, Chat
  • "Call Me Now" web widgets
PCI compliance.
  • Maintain Call Recordings
  • Protect your customers privacy
  • Reduce your cost of compliance
Performance dashboards.
  • Live performance dashboards
  • Extensive Reporting
  • All data accessible through API
Custom CallGuides®.
  • CallGuides™ with dynamic page flow
  • Reduce the cost of on-boarding
  • Increase collections
Advanced diallers.
  • Preview, Progressive, Predictive
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Configurable call attempt rules
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