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Intuitive, Powerful IVR

It's time to ditch clunky IVR solutions. 

Boost your CX with an intuitive, AI-assisted IVR you can program in just moments.

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Complete control

Edit any aspect of your IVR on the fly - no reliance on external support.


Seamless assignment

Route calls to the perfect agent, or use our AI agent to collect data.


Powerful reporting

Keep track of your IVR outcomes, enabling ongoing improvement.

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Customer success with contactSPACE

Scott Bailey from ASTIA.

“Without contactSPACE, we wouldn’t have been able to grow so quickly. We wouldn't be where we are today."

- Scott Bailey, ASTIA

Lara Stockley from GivTel.

“Our contact rates doubled... our business couldn't function without contactSPACE."

- Lora Stockley, GiveTel

Hayley Montgomery from ALI Group.

"[contactSPACE] has made a big difference to productivity and our customer experience."

- Hayley Montgomery, ALI Group

Intuitive, customisable, powerful IVR

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Manage your own IVR

Never have to contact our support or your IT team again. Our wizard allows you to quickly create the perfect framework and effortlessly modify settings as and when you need to.



Self-Service IVR

Let your people focus on what they do best, and our virtual agents will do the rest. contactSPACE self-service IVR works 24/7 and can be easily set-up by an administrator without the need to contact support.




Let our auto-agents handle routine transactions and provide assistance to your human agents, before, during and after live interactions.



Tier 1 PCI Compliance

Forget the technical hassle and red tape. Use our PCI-compliant self-service solution to take the payment, update your database or CRM with the call outcome, and even send an emailed receipt.



Get Feedback!

Utilise the IVR builder to design your own customer feedback surveys such as NPS, CES and CSAT - or anything else you'd like to measure.



Data-Driven Decisions

Discover the efficiency gains of data-driven decisions in the IVR. Our AI will decide how best to route the call to an agent based on customer input.

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See contactSPACE in Action