Cloud Contact Centre Software for Lead Generation & BPOs

A flexible, easy to deploy, multi-channel solution. 


The most effective contact centre solution for outsourcers and BPOs. 

contactSPACE is the preferred contact centre solution for some of Australia's most successful sales, marketing and services outsourcing organisations such as ASTIA, OneChat, Rombii, Outsource, Chameleon Customer Contact, Strike Force Sales and Pipeline Marketing Group, as well as fundraising outsourcers Mondial Fundraising, CornucopiaOurtel Fundraising Solutions and Ways Phone & Ways Fundraising.


contactSPACE is a cloud-based contact centre technology solution that allows you to:
  • communicate through your client's preferred channel
  • onboard new clients in hours, not days
  • build initiatives in minutes not hours
  • fully integrated QA process for lead verification and quality management
  • integrate easily with client CRMs
  • assign any agent to multiple clients, simplified with CallGuides®
  • invoice clients and pay staff easily
  • service multiple clients concurrently and cost-effectively irrespective of their size
  • easily deploy capabilities to meet each client’s unique requirements
  • promote full transparency to clients, offering real-time client dashboards to monitor campaign performance


CallGuides® makes communicating better, faster! 

To assist with onboarding new staff and to get them communicating effectively, faster, we've developed a powerful feature called CallGuides® that guides new staff through calls with the aid of scripting, so that they're conversing with confidence as if they were seasoned experts. CallGuides® also enables you to assign agents to multiple clients, as every interaction is pre-configured and tailored for every client.


Skills-based routing optimises conversations.

contactSPACE provides the flexibility to deploy many campaigns simultaneously, and to ensure that every conversation is handled optimally, contactSPACE uses Skills-Based Routing to provide alignment of your teams' skills with the needs of your clients.

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A contact centre agent working with contactSPACE software.

Why contactSPACE?

API integration.
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove duplication
  • Automate tasks
Omnichannel communication.
  • Single user interface
  • Voice, SMS, Email, Chat
  • "Call Me Now" web widgets
PCI compliance.
  • Maintain Call Recordings
  • Protect your customers privacy
  • Reduce your cost of compliance
Performance dashboards.
  • Live performance dashboards
  • Extensive Reporting
  • All data accessible through API
Custom CallGuides®.
  • CallGuides™ with dynamic page flow
  • Reduce the cost of on-boarding
  • Increase collections
Advanced diallers.
  • Preview, Progressive, Predictive
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Configurable call attempt rules
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