Strike Force Sales Case Study

How Strike Force Sales, a specialist business development agency, gained the competitive edge – with contactSPACE

“We believe contactSPACE has given us real value for money and extended our competitive advantage”

Ciaran McGuigan, Managing Director

Strike Force Sales is a specialist business development agency founded and led by sales guru Ciaran McGuigan (as dubbed by “Kochie’s Business Builders”).

Ciaran and his team specialise in helping their clients win more business – more often!

Founded in 2006, Strike Force Sales quickly established itself and was listed in the top 100 of BRW’s Fast Starters. With a B2B focus, Strike Force Sales provides services including lead generation, appointment setting, event support and partner acquisition.

In 2010, Strike Force Sales was a foundation client for a rival hosted contact centre solution. As an early adopter of hosted/VoIP technologies, Strike Force Sales faced a growing number of shortcomings with this solution as the company matured. These included unreliability, high costs for specialised technical staff to manage the solution, and inadequate reporting tools.

It soon became clear that this old solution wasn’t up to the task of enabling Strike Force Sales to grow their business into the future.

To onboard new clients more quickly and respond more effectively to their specific needs, Strike Force Sales needed an intuitive but powerful system that could be managed easily without an onsite tech team.

Ease-of-deployment & ongoing use

The people at contactSPACE were extremely quick in understanding our requirements perfectly and worked with us to meet our objectives.

Strike Force Sales found the contactSPACE platform simple to use and easy to manage but also incredibly powerful in terms of its reporting and analytics capabilities. Importantly, it was clear that with the backing of Amazon AWS, the solution was as close to operationally bulletproof as possible.

Every single different functionality is engineered so that even the most sophisticated tasks and controls can be understood and managed by anyone on the team. Plus, the modern user interface ensures that agents are always up to speed and able to maximise the quality of every single call they make.

Using the powerful reporting tools on offer, Strike Force Sales’ customers receive the insights they need, in the format they need them. contactSPACE provides an intuitive, practical and cost-effective solution, enabling Strike Force Sales to focus on its clients’ needs rather than troublesome technological issues.


Strike Force Sales can now onboard a new client in hours – not days.

This not only improves business efficiency, it also enables the team a level of flexibility never thought possible. Deployment is incredibly easy – and this is a fantastic selling point for their sales team.

The business also saw a massive increase in their contact rates and appointment conversion rates. News of the incredible level of service on offer spread quickly – it became clear that Strike Force Sales was delivering awesome business outcomes for its current clients.

Performance visibility

After switching to contactSPACE, Strike Force Sales found the real-time reporting on offer incredibly useful.

Our customers are happy as we can now provide quick responses to their questions with the advanced reporting capabilities.

No longer did the team have to go and manually produce reports to find tidbits of data or trawl through Excel to access valuable insights. The contactSPACE admin interface displays data in real-time, and it’s a breeze to produce comprehensive reports when and as they’re needed.

As a result, Strike Force Sales can keep their clients up-to-speed with their initiatives as they happen, enabling managers to demonstrate the awesome outcomes their agents are achieving.

Reduced ongoing operational costs

Prior to implementing the contactSPACE solution, Strike Force Sales was forced to employ a dedicated on-site IT team – without a group of technicians, the old solution simply wouldn’t function.

Now, there’s no need to employ technical experts to keep the contact centre humming.

Trouble-free and easy maintenance of the solution has lowered our costs and increased our responsiveness.

Technical support is provided through the contactSPACE customer success team, ensuring that any issues are handled promptly despite the lack of on-site support.

Plus, because the backend is so intuitive, contact centre managers can easily set up and modify interfaces, skills groups, dialler settings, and much more, without having to consult an expert. This makes it infinitely easier to optimise campaigns and ensure the best possible outcomes on an ongoing basis.

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