Build, Create & Design your Solution

Create your own beautifully tailored communication initiatives to maximise productivity

Initiative Wizards

  • Creates a best practice framework for new initiatives in a few simple steps, that takes just a few minutes, so you can get on with what's important, making calls.
  • Standard configuration wizards are available that connect popular CRM’s for seamless integration and improved productivity to get you going quickly and experiencing improved results fast.
  • Current CRM Integration Wizards

    Create new campaigns in just minutes

  • contactSPACE Salesforce Initiative Wizard

    Setup new campaigns in just a few simple steps

  • contactSPACE Initiative Wizards speed up setup time

    A simple click takes your campaign live

Data Manager

  • Easily manage your data, add new fields and review the available records.
  • Upload data lists and manage their use.
  • Create smart filters and use a schedule for applying data strategies for targeting data segments at particular times of the day.
  • Generate new data lists from existing data, based on any criteria.
  • Create processing queues for Quality Assurance and Compliance Management.
  • Control the assignment of callbacks.
  • Set target KPIs for initiatives and agents.

Initiative Manager

  • Control what initiatives are current, which teams are working on them and review their performance through the Initiative Manager.
  • See how each of your programs are performing  with our Visual initiative dashboard and KPI’s.
  • Design beautiful engaging interfaces

  • Interface Editor

    Manage Outcomes, Page Flow and Content easily

Interface Designer

  • Provides you with the tools to create a user interface that your Agents will love to use and it improves their productivity and results.
  • Define your own tailored workflows and short cuts.
  • Create the outcomes you need that best define your campaign objectives.
  • Integrate outcome confirmation with automated SMS and Email.
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