Make efficient, compliant outbound contact, using Twilio Flex or Amazon Connect

Many organisations use programmable contact centre solutions, due to the flexibility that these products offer.

If you have the ability to fully customise your contact centre software, your development team can build the right solution from the ground up, if you have the available resources.

However, if you need to make outbound calls, creating an outbound dialling solution from scratch can be very costly and complex, especially when there are strict compliance requirements that you need to abide by.

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Introducing – contactSPACE Red and 4connect

To help address this problem, we have created contactSPACE Red and 4connect – outbound dialler and data management plugins for Twilio Flex and Amazon Connect, respectively.

Using these two solutions, you can begin making efficient, compliant outbound contact more quickly, and with less risk.

Whether outbound dialling is a small part of your operations that you’re looking to bring into Flex or Connect, or if you make a lot of outbound calls and want to switch to one of these programmable solutions, our plugins can help you to go live faster.

Auto Diallers

contactSPACE Red and 4connect include a range of dialling modes, helping you make efficient, compliant outbound contact.

Using our preview or progressive diallers, you can allow agents to make more personalised contact, by giving them more time to prepare for each call. Or, you can use our predictive dialler to maximise efficiency.

No matter which dialling mode you choose for each campaign, you have the ability to ensure compliance, given the specific rules that apply in the locations you’re calling.

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Intelligent Outbound

Using contactSPACE Red and 4connect, you can use contactSPACE Intelligent Outbound to make smarter outbound contact.

  • You can use caller ID (CLID) rotation, to maximise answer rates.
  • You can create highly advanced target filters, to ensure that at any given moment, you are calling the people who are the most likely to convert.
  • You can re-attempt certain people at different times of day, based on their previous behaviour, to maximise the likelihood of getting in touch.

Learn more about contactSPACE Intelligent Outbound, and how we help outbound contact centres to achieve better results with fewer calls.


To make outbound contact with Twilio Flex and Amazon Connect, you will have to custom-build your agent workflows and interfaces.

With contactSPACE Red and 4connect, you can use contactSPACE CallGuides to build intuitive agent workflows, without having to write a line of custom code, allowing your team to go live more quickly.

You can give your agents the help they need to be successful on each and every call, while giving managers the ability to continually optimise agent interfaces and improve your calling performance.

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