Build, contact, measure – and unlock better business outcomes


Custom Campaigns

Build initiatives in just a few simple steps, so you can get on with what’s important: making calls.

Utilise one-click CRM integrations to get up and running quickly – no custom coding required.

Define exactly who you’re contacting and how you’ll be getting in touch, allowing your team to use super-targeted messaging strategies.

contactSPACE funnel management.

Contact Strategies

Create smart filters and schedules for applying contact strategies, allowing you to target multiple segments, different geographies and particular times of day.

Prioritise leads by latest first, fresh records, or date added, while still pushing callbacks to the front of the queue.

Assign each call to the perfect possible agent with powerful (but simple to configure) skills-based routing.

You control exactly who you’re calling, and who’s calling them.

Intuitive Interfaces

Built a user interface that your agents love to use, improving morale and contact centre productivity.

Define your own tailored workflows and shortcuts, and create custom goals that best define your campaign objectives.

Integrate outcome confirmation with automated SMS and email notifications, to build a better customer experience.

Plus, keep every call on-message with contactSPACE CallGuides®, integrating key customer data to deliver a super-personalised conversation.



contactSPACE CallGuides®

contactSPACE CallGuides® provide agents with a supportive, intuitive interface that enables them to make the perfect call, every time.

Deliver the right customer or product information at the right stage of the call – CallGuides® will update in real-time as choices are made by the customer and agent.

CallGuides® are capable of displaying an unlimited number of customisable fields, as well as additional content such as credit card facilities and previous call history.

Place the elements you want, where you want them, with our easy drag-and-drop editor – no IT expertise required.

Use different types of multimedia to inspire the agent, allowing them to deliver a super-powerful message.

– contactSPACE customer in the fundraising space

Effective Outbound

Choose the perfect dialling method for each individual campaign.

contactSPACE features predictive, progressive, preview, and manual dialling options.

Discover the full capabilities of contactSPACE auto diallers.

Smart Contact Strategies

Utilise smart contact strategies to make the perfect call at the perfect moment.

Follow up with prospects when and as necessary, to stop funnel leakage, once and for all.

Plus, use call-time-optimisation to get in touch at the perfect possible moment.

Click to learn more about effective outbound with contactSPACE, and discover how we help organisations achieve better results with fewer calls.

Funnel manager diagram.

Incredible Inbound

Reduce the burden on your agents with our advanced IVR. Process orders and payments with our IVR workflow tool and built in payment gateway.

Improve your customer experience with a call back option, helping to slash abandon rates and reduce wait times.

Create and modify new IVR workflows in a breeze with our graphical user interface – no complicated development required.

Automated Agents

Reduce the burden on your inbound team by enabling the automated agent, a workflow-driven IVR that can manage calls for customers who know exactly what they want.

Use it to up-sell and dynamically promote new options and offers.

Complete the entire sale process – with or without agent assistance – using our IVR-driven payment gateway.

Live Chat

Maximise agent productivity by adding live chat to your inbound offerings.

Enhance your customer experience by offering the option to chat with one of your team.

Blend live chat with either inbound or outbound agent skills to increase productivity.

Respond more quickly with templated responses to common questions.

Agents can manage up to six chats at once, helping to maximise efficiency.

Email & SMS

Our automated email/SMS confirmation makes following up quick and easy.

  • Send an SMS to confirm a booking or share a link during or at the end of a call using custom-built templated responses.
  • Convert inbound emails into call backs and add them automatically to the agent queue, to ensure efficient follow-ups.
  • Create targeted outbound email campaigns with contactSPACE Intellicast®.


Real-Time Dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time dashboards.

The home dashboard provides a concise summary of inbound and outbound calls, plus agent activity, status and emotion.

Team leader dashboard shows live agent status. Also supports listen, whisper and barge capability.

The last 100 dials dashboard highlights call quality and displays dialler settings to ensure maximum productivity.

Plus, create your own custom dashboards, allowing you to monitor the metrics that matter most.

Powerful Reporting

Understand exactly what’s going on in your contact centre with contactSPACE reports.

Compare teams, agents, initiatives, and much much more. Find what’s working, and optimise what isn’t.

Analyse call outcomes by time, date, and day of the week – understand exactly what you could be doing to improve performance.

Agent & Initiative KPIs

Show agents and teams their specific KPIs, motivating them to hit targets with minimal direct intervention.

Provide agents the visibility they need, with clear colour coding to show how they’re tracking.

Metrics update in real-time, allowing your team to keep on top of their performance.

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