Contact centre agent making a call.

Why contactspace?

Build the perfect solution, contact and engage customers, measure and improve performance


Custom Campaigns

  • Creates a best practice framework for new initiatives in a few simple steps, so you can get on with what's important: making calls.
  • Our standard configuration wizards integrate with popular CRMs to get you up and running quickly, ensuring you see improved results immediately.
  • Current CRM Integration Wizards

    Create new campaigns in just minutes

  • contactSPACE Salesforce Initiative Wizard

    Setup new campaigns in just a few simple steps

  • contactSPACE Initiative Wizards speed up setup time

    A simple click takes your campaign live

contactSPACE reports interface.

Reports & Data Controls

  • Easily manage your data, add new fields and review available records.
  • Upload data lists and manage how they're used.
  • Create smart filters and schedules for applying data strategies, allowing you to target multiple segments, such as warm/cold data, different geographies and particular times of day.
  • Generate new data lists from existing data, based on any criteria.
  • Create processing queues for quality assurance and compliance management.
  • Control the assignment of callbacks.
  • Set target KPIs for initiatives and agents.

Custom Initiatives

  • Prioritise initiatives and control what teams are working on them. Stay on top of performance through our intuitive initiative manager.
  • See how each of your programs are performing  with our visual initiative and KPI dashboards.
  • The contactSPACE interface content editor.

    Design beautiful engaging interfaces

  • The contactSPACE agent interface editor.

    Manage Outcomes, Page Flow and Content easily

A Better Agent Experience

  • Provides you with the tools to create a user interface that your agents will love to use, improving morale and contact centre productivity.
  • Define your own tailored workflows and shortcuts.
  • Create custom goals that best define your campaign objectives.
  • Integrate outcome confirmation with automated SMS and email notifications.

With Custom CallGuides®

  • contactSPACE CallGuides® provide agents with a fully customisable interface (designed by you) that enables them to make the perfect call, every time.
  • Deliver the right customer or product information at the right stage of the call - CallGuides® will update in real-time as choices are made by the customer or agent.
  • They're also capable of displaying an unlimited number of customisable fields, as well as additional content such as credit card facilities and previous call history. CallGuides® provide agents with a helpful, easy to use solution that they enjoy using.
  • Whether you want your agents to use a script with complex page-flow rules or if you just want to keep things simple, CallGuides® help maximise the ROI of every dollar you spend dialling.
  • Call Guide Interface

    Create engaging Agent interfaces

  • Agent KPIs

    Enable Agents to manage their own performance


Smart Diallers

  • Predictive - for high volume teams, this solution is configured to maximise agent contacts. Automatic management of telco errors and answering machines ensure every single call your agents make is productive. 
  • Progressive - the most popular dialling solution, which increases call activity whilst removing the risk of hangups. A ten-second pause allows the agent to preview the record before auto dialling.
  • Preview - when a little more  preparation is required before starting the call, this enables to agent to determine exactly when to dial. Don't worry about sacrificing performance - the amount of preview time is presented to the agent on their dashboard and to the team leader.
  • Manual - in every organisation there is always a need to be able to dial manually - and our onscreen keypad enables the agent to do just that.
  • Each initiative you create can be assigned to the dialling method most appropriate for that particular campaign.

Using Inbound Contact Control

  • Reduce the burden on your agents with our advanced IVR.
  • Process orders and even upsell with our IVR workflow and payment gateway.
  • Improve your customer experience with a call back option, which helps to slash abandon rates and reduce wait times.
  • Create and modify new IVR workflows in a breeze with our graphical user interface - no need to bother your IT team.

Automated Agents

  • Reduce the burden on your inbound team by enabling the Automated Agent, a workflow driven IVR that can manage the call for customers who know exactly what they want.
  • Use it to upsell and dynamically promote new options or offers.
  • Complete the sale process with our IVR-driven payment gateway.
  • Handle more inbound calls and reduce queue times, improving your customer experience.

Live Chat

  • Maximise agent productivity and leverage their expertise by adding this communication channel to your inbound offerings.
  • Enhance your customer experience by offering the option to chat with one of your team.
  • Blend live chat into either inbound or outbound agents skills to increase productivity.
  • Supports up to 6 concurrent chats per agent.
  • Efficiently respond with templated responses to common questions.
  • Quick and easy to implement.

Email & SMS

Our automated email confirmation makes following up quick and easy.
  • Send an SMS to confirm a booking, time or share a link during or at the end of a call using our templated responses.
  • Convert inbound emails into call backs and add them automatically to the agent queue.

Using Real-Time Performance Dashboards

  • Motivate your teams with real-time performance visibility.
  • Team leader dashboard shows live agent status. Also supports listen, whisper and barge capability.
  • Last 100 dialler module highlights call quality and displays dialler settings to ensure maximum productivity.
  • The home dashboard provides a concise summary of inbound and outbound calls. plus agent activity, status and emotion.

Contact Centre Analytics

  • Understand exactly what is really going on in your contact centre.
  • Compare teams, agents and campaign performance.
  • Analyse call outcomes by time, date, and day of the week - understand when to call to increase your performance.

Agent & Initiative KPIs

  • Motivate teams and individuals with KPIs to enable them to hit targets with minimal direct intervention.
  • Compare initiative results against your targets and goals.
  • Measure your team's achievements and celebrate their success.
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