Take control of your QA compliance obligations

QA Initiative Wizards

The contactSPACE QA module enables you to take full control of your QA compliance obligations to your clients, as well as the development and training of your agents.

  • Create QA initiatives and set up requirements quickly, in just a few simple steps
  • Populate QA initiatives with questions & unique scoring matrices that you define
  • Edit fields to satisfy client requirements for specific information and data types

Multiple Data Feeds

You have total control of how data is delivered to the QA Agent.

  • Feed several data sets or single data sets into a single QA initiative
  • Build Initiative-based data feed sets (call duration, start & finish dates, agents, appointment set, call backs and more)
  • Build agent-based data feed sets that serve up random records for agent training and development

Real-Time QA Visibility

Monitor performance in real-time, to ensure you’re always hitting your QA targets.

Use contactSPACE dashboards to keep on top of ongoing performance.

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