Develop a deeper understanding of your organisation’s call outcomes

The closest thing to being omniscient…

Ever feel like you can’t quite grasp what it is your customers want, or where your agents could improve?

Voice analytics enable you to develop incredible insight into the conversations you’re having and how they could be improved.

contactSPACE is available with an inbuilt call analytics module. Essentially, the technology analyses raw voice data and reports on call outcomes – helping you develop a more holistic understanding of how your conversations are going.

The voice analytics landscape.
How the voice analytics data delivery process works.

How does it work?

As a user has completes their conversation on the contactSPACE platform, our technology captures the specifics of the call.

Artificial intelligence then processes this data and identifies patterns in the words spoken. The software then develops an emotional profile of both the caller and the agent for the entirety of the conversation, using the tone, pace, and pitch of every single word.

Once these insights have been gathered, the platform produces actionable insights which you can use to enable agents to have more effective conversations.

You can also export data to an array of different business intelligence/visualisation platforms for further analysis.

Applications of speech analytics

Here are some of the ways in which contact centre managers utilise voice analytics to their full potential.

Maximising conversion rates

In inside sales, voice analytics can be the key to getting that extra edge in terms of your conversation rates.

By comparing the emotional profile of callers who said “yes” and those who said “maybe later”, you can identify the specific conversational strategies which are the most appropriate for different lead segments.

As a result, you can equip agents with a plan to deal with any objection and beat even the hardest of gatekeepers. Voice analytics can identify specific areas of improvement for individual agents, allowing you to provide highly-targeted feedback.

Quality assurance

One of the key functionalities of conversation analytics is quality assurance (QA). Using this software, you can perform this process automatically, checking every single conversation your team has, rather than sampling just 1-2% of calls.

No longer will your QA agent have to spend hundreds of hours listening to calls, potentially making erroneous inputs as they manually record results. Let the AI do the work (and identify any areas of improvement) for you.

Script optimisation

How do you know which script is best? You test them, obviously. But the old-fashioned way of doing this is pretty hit-and-miss: you’ll be using metrics which could be affected by a whole range of exogenous factors.

With speech analytics, you can find the exact points in each script that are underperforming, enabling you to perform more effective optimisation.

At the same time, you can also analyse the delivery of each piece of scripted material, which isn’t normally possible without manual QA. This empowers you to provide better feedback to agents, enabling you to get the most out of your pre-prepared content.

Managing compliance

Are you required by law to state certain things (like why you’re calling) in each and every call?

Speech analytics can ensure that your agents are meeting your organisation’s obligations to remain PCI-compliant for example, or to manage your obligations under cold-calling laws. For example, ensuring that agents let the customer know who they’re calling from at the beginning of each conversation.

No longer do you have to guess whether you’re compliant with a small sample, risking potential breaches. Speech analytics software will check each and every call.

Improving your customer experience

While having the ability to transcribe and analyse massive volumes of calls is incredibly powerful in and of itself, being able to develop an emotional profile of your customers is even more useful.

No longer will you have to use clunky post-call surveys, or guess what your different customer segments want. With better insights, you can provide better guidance to your team, enabling them to have more effective conversations.

You can now begin to understand exactly what to say (and how to say it) to leave the customer thinking “wow, that person sure was helpful” – revolutionising engagement rates and minimising churn.

Streamlining your post-call process

For large contact centres in particular, minimising wrap time is crucial. The last thing you want is agents performing menial work when they could be talking.

Our solution can perform much of the job for you – assigning categories to calls without your team having to enter data manually. Stop spoiling your data with incorrect tags: you can now eliminate human error from the information collection process.

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