Deliver better contact – on the customer’s preferred channel

Omnichannel use cases

contactSPACE enables you to make quality customer contact over phone, email, SMS, live chat, and chats apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

Here are some examples of powerful omnichannel contact strategies you can design with contactSPACE.

Broadcast offers & marketing messages

You might have special offers or discounts you want your customers to know about. As an example, let’s say you’ve just launched a limited-time offer on one of your popular products.

With contactSPACE, you can:

  • Generate instant activity for agents by broadcasting SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp alerts to customers, letting them know about the offer.
  • Broadcast different marketing emails to different customer segments, with pricing in the customer’s local currency.
  • Call people who have recently made sales enquiries on this product but not purchased, to let them know about the deal now on offer.

Provide reminders and follow-ups

You might have a segment of customers, leads, or supporters who have made a booking or expressed interest in a certain event. Let’s say you have a seminar coming up, and a list of interested parties.

With contactSPACE, you can:

  • Provide automated email confirmation for those that book their tickets.
  • Send out email/SMS/Messenger/WhatsApp reminders prior to the seminar, or just before an important presentation.
  • Automate post-event follow-ups, to conduct a survey and discover NPS, or to engage the lead further.

Make events more successful

Apart from sending out event reminders and follow-ups, you can also use omnichannel engagement to make your events more successful. As a not-for-profit for example, you may organise regular fundraising events, such as fun runs, with participants raising money from friends and family.

With contactSPACE, you can:

  • Generate more event sign-ups by calling, emailing, and/or texting interested supporters.
  • Engage with participants who have raised less money than average, providing coaching, motivation and training to help them improve.
  • Send thank-you messages to donors, to establish ongoing relationships with the people who sponsored your participants.
Knowledge agent in contactSPACE.

Facilitate two-way interactions

After sending an email, SMS, Messenger, or Whatsapp message, you can enable customers to respond, initiating a personalised conversation with your team. Continuing the product discount example we mentioned above, you might want to allow customers to connect with your sales team.

With contactSPACE, you can:

  • Send text messages from a phone number that customers can call back, to learn more about the offer.
  • Automatically schedule a callback, if a call comes in out-of-hours, at a time that suits the customer.
  • Allow customers the option of getting in touch over live chat, rather than replying to an email or having to phone in. Let your customers use their channel of choice to speak to your team.


IntelliCast – smart broadcasting

contactSPACE omnichannel outbound is powered by IntelliCast – an intuitive broadcasting and engagement engine built for the contact centre.

IntelliCast fits in seamlessly with your agent workflows and call activity, empowering you to engage customers effectively – on any channel.

Importantly, IntelliCast is built on a philosophy of intuitive, user-centric design. Meaning, you can define any communication strategies you like, without writing a single line of code.

Every single aspect of your broadcast strategy can be built out with a step-by-step wizard. Simply choose what you want to communicate, how you want to share it, and you’re good to go.

You can control everything – from who the message comes from and the content of the message, to who the responses go to.

There are three IntelliCast broadcasting modes:

Intellicast logo.
Reminders in Intellicast.


If you need to let customers know about an upcoming booking, or want to encourage them to renew their subscription, IntelliCast is up to the task.

By broadcasting reminders, you can communicate something specific to the customer about their record. For example, reminding them that:

  • They have an upcoming booking.
  • They have a bill to pay.
  • Their commitment to your cause is about to expire.

You can also allow the customer to speak to your team in order to learn more about your offer, complete your call-to-action, or change their booking.


IntelliCast allows you to send out broadcasts to specific groups of records, based on their specific characteristics.

However, you’re not limited to just carpet-bombing your communications.

You can define how many messages you’d like to send out per minute, or be more granular, and link the number of outgoing messages to the number of active agents.

If you want to keep users busy with incoming calls, texts, or emails, but don’t want to get swamped, you can tell IntelliCast to send 10 messages per agent per hour, as an example.

Then, you have the ability to monitor results, and adjust the rate as necessary. You can see how many texts are resulting in callbacks, and go from there.

Marketing broadcasts in Intellicast.
Two-way communication in Intellicast.

2-Way Messaging

2-way Messaging is similar to the Marketing broadcast mode. Except, you can manage the ongoing relationship between the agent and the contact.

You have the power to personalise the content of a message and build more personal customer relationships. You can link a message to a specific agent, and if the customer replies, the agent can see their response, along with the message originally sent, and continue the conversation.

This empowers your team to have quality interactions with your customers, encouraging greater engagement, and facilitating a better customer experience.


Blended omnichannel service & support

contactSPACE enables you to use any combination of channels as your business processes or customers require it.

  • You launch a new product that can be more difficult for customers to install or set-up. You embed the contactSPACE live chat module on your website, to allow agents to provide real-time support, rather than having to send numerous back-and-forth emails.
  • You have a relatively small support team, but a diverse customer base, and want to support them on any channel. You define smart rules in contactSPACE to route emails, live chats, and phone calls to the best agent for each enquiry, allowing you to provide efficient, quality support.
  • Your organisation is growing, and so you’re receiving a higher number of more complex support requests. You use live chat as your first line of defence for basic enquiries, and email for more complex requests. Where necessary, your agents can then call customers to help them solve difficult issues.

No matter the channels you use, and how you use them, agents are provided a seamless workflow, allowing them to deliver effective support – every single time.

contactSPACE livechat interface.

Live chat

Simply copy the contactSPACE live chat code snippet onto your website, and your customers can chat with your agents in real-time.

You can define smart rules to allocate different live chat requests to the most appropriately skilled agent.

Plus, you can create pre-canned responses that agents can use to deliver answers more quickly.


Similar to live chat enquiries, you can assign inbound emails amongst your team based on their availability and individual skills.

Requests can also be automatically converted to calls and added to the agent queue, enabling your team to deliver faster, more effective responses.


If desired, you can use contactSPACE IVR to enable self-service customer support. With the IVR, you can provide information, take payments, and assign calls to the most appropriate agent as you learn more about their need, using skills-based routing.

If a customer has sent you an email earlier in the week and is now calling in, chances are, they’re calling about their earlier enquiry. With contactSPACE, you can screen-pop the record for the agent, and display the customer’s previous interaction history, to equip your team to provide the best possible response.

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