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Stay on-message – on every single call

contactSPACE CallGuides® are an all-in-one agent workflow solution that allows you incredible flexibility in managing client campaigns.

Different agents can be assigned different calls from different clients using any logic you define, using contactSPACE skills-based routing.

And once an agent is assigned a call, they have all the information they need in front of them to deliver an awesome interaction.

CallGuides® are more than just a way of displaying lead details and scripted material to the agent.

They allow you to build out the entire call workflow, and ensure that the agent follows the correct call process, for each different client you service.

CallGuides® help to ensure that agents stay on-message, while also enabling them to have a natural conversation – rather than making an impersonal pitch.


Powerful initiatives

Rather than having clunky, complex campaigns, contactSPACE allows you to build out initiatives to easily manage the different needs of each client.

Initiatives allow you to define every aspect of the work your agents perform for a given data-set. This allows you to achieve great results for each separate client – no matter their size or desired outcomes.

New initiatives can be created incredibly quickly, using an easy step-by-step wizard.

And once built, initiatives can be copied and edited, if desired, to allow you to get up and running with new clients or new data faster.

Make the right call, at the right time

contactSPACE features a number of powerful prioritisation modes, to ensure that you can deal with the most important calls first.

You can use last-in-first-out prioritisation for example, to ensure that you always prioritise leads that have just come through from a client’s website. When no leads are coming through, you’ll be able to work through existing data.

Callbacks, which can be set at an agent or initiative level, will go to the front of the queue  – ensuring that you never leave a lead hanging.

contactSPACE also features call-time-optimisation. If enabled, this function will ensure that leads are contacted at the time of day when they are most likely to answer the phone.



PCI compliance icon.

PCI-compliant payments

Use pcipayspace by contactSPACE to collect seamless, PCI-compliant over the phone payments for your clients.

Agents guide the contact throughout the entire payment process. They can see that card details are being entered, and can reset the process if a mistake is made.

However, agents never see the card details, and never hear DTMF tones. These touch tones are also excluded from the call recording, ensuring complete PCI compliance.

Email, SMS and live chat

contactSPACE allows you to augment phone-based contact strategies using personalised email and SMS messages.

Agents can send templated follow-ups post call, to provide purchase/donation confirmation information, or to provide more detail for a lead to consider.

It’s also possible to send automated reminders, alerts, and special offers using email/SMS with contactSPACE Intellicast®.

contactSPACE also features a live-chat module, which you can use to quickly answer web enquiries from leads. Simply embed a code snippet to begin responding to live enquiries.


Skills-based routing

Across different client initiatives, it’s possible to define powerful skills-based routing logic to ensure that the perfect agent is placed on each and every call.

Skills can be assigned to individual agents or groups of agents, allowing you to map out different teams of callers within your organisation.

Then, using contactSPACE initiatives, you can classify each type of call your team takes or makes, ensuring that calls are assigned correctly – every single time.


Dashboards and reporting

contactSPACE dashboards allow you to keep your finger on the pulse on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that each client initiative is always on track.

However, contactSPACE reports allow you to delve deeper and develop even greater insights.

For example, you could use the agent report to identify your best performers, and help support those that need help.

Or, you could use the conversion report to show your clients what a fantastic job you’re doing across their different initiatives.

Performance dashboards.

Built for business users

contactSPACE isn’t just intuitive for agents – it’s designed to be extremely easy to use for admins as well.

User interfaces can be designed using a simple drag-and-drop editor, and initiatives can be built using step-by-step wizards.

It’s easy for team leaders and managers to create initiatives and optimise contact strategies on the fly – with no need for custom code.

Who we help

contactSPACE helps a number of different business process outsourcers, including fundraisers, financial services outsourcers, and marketing agencies.

View our customer case studies to find out more about how we help these teams.

ASTIA Case Study

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