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Build custom agent messaging frameworks

Keep agents on-message and ensure complete outbound calling compliance, with contactSPACE CallGuides.

CallGuides give you the power to build custom agent messaging frameworks, with no code required.

Ensure that agents state their name and where they’re calling from, plus any disclaimers you need to convey to ensure compliance.

Plus, CallGuides help you to build custom screens, pop-outs and prompts to help agents deliver fantastic messaging, and improve collections results.

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PCI-compliant payments

Ensure PCI compliance when taking payments over the phone.

With contactSPACE pcipayspace, debtors can input their credit card details with their phone keypad, so that their details are never exposed to the agent. Your staff can guide the debtor through the payment process, helping to increase collection rates.

contactSPACE also enables you to collect agentless payments by IVR, helping you take PCI compliant payments more efficiently when a debtor returns your call.

Dialling compliance

contactSPACE allows you to ensure complete outbound dialling compliance, no matter the geography you’re calling into.

  • USA: ensure you stay below a 3% abandonment rate when predictive dialling for FCC compliance, and ensure you don’t make more attempts than is allowed on any given day, week or month under CFPB rules.
  • UK: ensure Ofcom “72 hour rule” compliance when predictive dialling.
  • Other countries: contactSPACE gives you complete control over how you make calls, allowing you to ensure compliance with dialling regulations in any state, country, or continent.

With contactSPACE, you can also ensure that you call people at the right time of day, no matter where they live. Simply set up initiatives in different geographies to only push records during allowable hours in the record’s timezone.

Agent skills.


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Auto diallers

contactSPACE auto diallers help you maximise the amount of time agents spend on the phone, talking to debtors.

  • Preview dialler: the record is displayed, and the agent can choose when to call. Best when there is a lot of debtor detail to consider before beginning the call.
  • Progressive dialler: the record is displayed, and is automatically dialled after a set period. The call may be automatically wrapped after a certain delay if this setting is activated. Best for achieving a good balance between efficiency and preparing for the call.
  • Predictive dialler: records are dialled in bulk based on the number of available staff, and are connected to an agent when the phone is answered. Once connected, record details appear on the agent’s CallGuide. Best for large teams where efficiency is the main concern.

Staff also have the ability to make one-off manual calls where necessary to follow up with individual borrowers.

Intelligent outbound

Apart from using a given auto dialling mode, contactSPACE also gives you the ability to define intelligent contact strategies based on your specific debt collections goals.

  • Custom prioritisation rules: contactSPACE allows you to define exactly how you would like to prioritise who to call next. For example, you may have a custom scoring system that you would like to use, or you may want to simply prioritise fresh records – the choice is yours.
  • Intelligent attempts: Bob doesn’t answer the phone when you call him at 5pm on a Friday? contactSPACE can make the next call at a different time of day, to maximise the chances of getting in touch.
  • Dialler recall rules: if you call a given number and it fails twice due to a telco error, you probably want to shelve that number and try something else. However, if you’re reaching a voicemail, you might want to try the number four or five times before moving on.
contactSPACE funnel management.

Processes-driven design

contactSPACE makes it easy to design custom processes that automate agent workflows for different groups of debtors. Your team won’t have to cherry-pick leads or manually search for who to call next.

For example, if you can’t get in touch after a given number of attempts, the record can be pushed into a concurrent skip tracing initiative to find debtor details. Once found, these details can be fed into your main calling initiative for your team to get in touch with.

You might like to design processes for different groups of debtors, based on the type of debt and how likely they are to repay what they owe. This allows you to be smarter about how you get in touch, helping you maximise agent talk time and productivity.

Skills based routing

When a debtor calls you back after they get in touch, you can push them to the front of the queue, to ensure there is always an agent available to answer their call.

You can also use skills-based routing to ensure that each inbound call is sent to the best possible agent.

For example, you might have one team that specialises in auto finance, one for business loans, and one for mortgages. You can send each inbound call to the correct team or individual agent, maximising the likelihood of recovering the debt.

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Data-driven API

In collections, having up-to-date data is key. If someone pays what they owe, or updates their credit card details, you don’t want to waste your time or theirs making a phone call to them.

contactSPACE includes an easy to use data-driven API that allows you to connect the solution to any debt collection software or other data management product.

You can use the contactSPACE API to update data in real-time, ensuring you avoid making calls that no longer need to be made.

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Wizard-driven CRM integrations

contactSPACE allows you to instantly get connected with your CRM, using one of our wizard-driven CRM integrations.

With contactSPACE, you can get connected to leading CRMs such as Salesforce in just a few clicks, with no coding required.


Intuitive, easy to learn solution

contactSPACE is built on a philosophy of human-centred design.

New agents can get up and running on contactSPACE in as little as a few hours – the solution is extremely easy to learn how to use.

Once they begin calling, your agents have everything they need in front of them to deliver incredible collections results. Every interaction is built into a single streamlined workflow, inside the CallGuide interface, making it possible for agents to deliver effective contact from the moment they come on board.

Seamless omnichannel workflows

Many debtors cannot be reached over the phone. In these cases, you need the ability to make effective contact over email or SMS.

With contactSPACE, agents can send templated emails and text messages from the CallGuide interface, allowing them to easily integrate these interactions into their calling workflow.

You can also use contactSPACE Intellicast to send payment reminder notices in bulk. This can be an excellent method to encourage debtors to call your team to repay what they owe.

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