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  • contactSPACE CallGuides® provide agents with a guide (designed by you) that will prompt and help them achieve a perfect call, every time.
  • They deliver the correct customer or product information at the right stage of the call and can dynamically change as choices are made by the customer or agent. 
  • HTML 5 compatible and supporting an unlimited number of editable fields as well as additional content such as credit card facilities or previous call history, providing agents with an easy to use solution that they'll enjoy using.
  • Whether you want your agents presented with a verbatim script with complex page flow rules or if you just want to keep things simple, CallGuides® will help maximise the positive results of your calling and elevate your organisation above the competition.
  • Call Guide Interface

    Create engaging Agent interfaces

  • Agent KPIs

    Enable Agents to manage their own performance

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Advanced Call Diallers

  • Each initiative you create can be assigned the most appropriate dialling method which allows you to achieve optimum results.
  • Manual - In every organisation there is always a need to be able to manually dial, and our on-screen keypad enables the agent to do just that.
  • Preview - When a little more mental and analytical preparation is required before the call, this dialler enables to agent to determine when to dial the number. Performance can still be achieved with this solution with the percentage of preview time being presented to the Agent via their dashboard and to the team leader.
  • Progressive - Quickly becoming our most popular dialing solution, the progressive dialler increases call activity whilst removing any risk of dialler hangups. The call is dialled within a time frame you set (i.e. 10 secs) to allow the agent to preview the record first.
  • Predictive - For high volume larger teams this solution can be configured to maximise your Agent contacts per hour. Automatic management of telecommunication errors and answering machines ensure every call your Agents make is productive. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Reduce the burden on your agents with our advanced IVR.
  • Process orders and up-sell via our IVR work flow and payment gateway.
  • Improve your customers' experience with a call back option to assist in reducing abandon rates and reduce wait times.
  • Create and modify new IVR work flows quickly and easily without the need of in house technical resources.

Automated Agent

  • Reduce the burden on your inbound team by enabling the Automated Agent, a workflow driven IVR that can manage the call for customers who know what they want.
  • Up-sell and dynamically promote new options or offers through the process.
  • Complete the sale process with IVR driven payment gateway.
  • Handle more inbound calls and reduce queue times, improving the customers' experience.

Live Chat

  • Maximise agent productivity and leverage their knowledge by adding this communication channel to your inbound communications.
  • Enhance your customers' experience by offering the option to chat with one of your team.
  • Blend live chat into either inbound or outbound agent skills to increase productivity.
  • Supports up to 6 concurrent chats per agent.
  • Efficiently respond with templated responses to common questions.
  • Quick and easy to implement.

Email & SMS Communications

  • Automated email confirmation of relevant information is just a single click from within contactSPACE, making following up quick and easy.
  • Send an SMS to confirm a booking, a time, or share a link during or at the end of a call using our templated responses.
  • Convert inbound emails into call backs and add them automatically to the agent queue.

Agent Desktop & User Interface

  • Enable your Agents to understand their own performance and progress towards exceeding their targets and KPI's via our Agent Dashboard.
  • Call back management enables Agents to view and manage their call backs, add them to their queue and plan their activity.
  • Provides the agent with visibility of their Initiatives, showing available contacts and the number of fresh records.
  • Designed to be intuitive and simple to use, your agents will love working with contactSPACE.
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