ALI Group Case Study

How ALI Group, a loan insurance protection provider, unlocked greater efficiency and deeper customer insights – with contactSPACE

“Agent wrap time and AHT has been significantly reduced – and there’s much less waffle…

contactSPACE has made a big difference to productivity and our customer experience”.

Hayley Montgomery – Manager, Broker Services and Client Care


ALI Group were previously using an older version of a competing call centre system provider. The system was facing performance issues and the supplier was dropping support for their version of the software.

ALI Group was faced with a difficult choice: a hefty investment to upgrade the software they were using, or finding a brand-new provider that was more aligned with their needs.


ALI Group had recently implemented Salesforce CRM, so they needed a contact centre solution that would offer the benefits of a seamless integration.

The team also wanted the productivity benefits of an agent working within a contact platform that was designed to handle large volumes of activity, while still having access to the backend capabilities of a CRM.

Renewed customer insights

With the investment in this new CRM, ALI Group wanted to ensure that their new contact centre solution could deliver the insights that mattered, enabling them to improve their customer experience.

Meshing well with other systems is a primary strength of contactSPACE.

Being the often-missing interpreter between technology, data, and desired business outcomes is where the solution can conjure up perceived magic.

The implementation of contactSPACE didn’t take long at all, they met the deadline before the old system was turned off. It was refreshing that the contactSPACE team understood the tech really well and how it translated to business results, and that made a huge difference to us.

The contactSPACE Salesforce integration also allowed for ALI Group to provide a incredibly personalised customer experience.

When a caller dials in, the system immediately identifies the customer. It then serves up all the important customer information and previous interaction history from Salesforce into the contactSPACE CallGuide®, allowing the agent to tailor their greeting and quickly familiarise themselves with the customer’s previous history and notes.

Agents navigate the call using contactSPACE CallGuides®, which also include scripting functionality and handy tips to enable agents to more effectively handle different types of inquiry.

At the end of each call, contactSPACE immediately updates the Salesforce CRM with any new notes, field updates and associated activities.

This reduced administration time enables ALI Group to reduce ongoing operational costs without disrupting the customer experience.


contactSPACE has enabled ALI Group to achieve a significant uplift in efficiency.

Agent AHT & wrap time has been significantly reduced – now there’s much less waffle, and having easier workflows means less lost time. Data search capability is powerful; the sheer level to which we can search for things is incredible.

Agent onboarding is also much more efficient.

Switching over to contactSPACE was easy – agents picked it quickly because it’s super intuitive.

Performance & Customer Insights

Having a deep understanding of customer needs and then providing them with exceptional value is key to ongoing success.

Being able to access consumer insights directly from the contactSPACE platform has been proven to be invaluable in the development of ALI Group’s contact strategy.

We love the dashboards and the reporting is excellent.

Armed with these insights, ALI Group can develop initiative strategies with pinpoint precision, empowering them to, for example, contact customers during peak engagement times. It’s clear that adopting these smarter engagement practices has led to better business outcomes.


Another key benefit of contactSPACE for ALI Group is the level of flexibility provided to administrators.

Being able to make changes on the fly is great, and positioning fields and buttons to design the agent experience we want to provide is a very simple task.


Although the contactSPACE client base had grown considerably since ALI Group first came on board, the company has provided continued support to ensure ongoing success.

As a small business with a critical dependency on the platform, responsive support is something that we absolutely need from our supplier. contactSPACE are always there to help – but the great thing is the solution is so easy-to-use, we rarely need it!

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