ASTIA Case Study

How ASTIA, a financial services outsourcer, scaled their operations smoothly and efficiently – with contactSPACE.

“Without contactSPACE, we wouldn’t be where we are today, most definitely, and we wouldn’t have been able to grow so quickly…

We wouldn’t be able to service our customers at the same level. We wouldn’t have been able to track and report at the same level.”

Scott Bailey, Head of Operations

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Exponential growth, lead management & technology consolidation - all without an on-site IT team

The ASTIA management team had a monumental task ahead of them.

Finding an all-in-one, 100% cloud-based solution that would support a firm whose entire business is contact centre management. The software needed to:

  • Consolidate, and integrate with, the variety of systems agents rely on each and every day.
  • Automate, automate, automate!
  • Provide a seamless agent experience, complete with a business workflow that would support the team regardless of the type of work they were undertaking.
  • Promptly allocate and manage leads to agents.
  • Be flexible and easy-to-use on both an agent and an administrator level.
  • Support multi-channel customer interactions.
  • Not require extensive dialler/IT management & support.
  • Allow the business rapid, infinite scalability.

With a wealth of experience managing the operations of the largest Sydney-based contact centre outsourcers specialising in the financial services space, the contactSPACE team knew exactly how to help.

We wanted to avoid the legacy-type systems we had previously used at other businesses – the type of systems that required an entire IT and dialler management team to operate. We needed a solution that would limit the IT support we needed to operate and a partner that would allow us to be agile for our customers.

– Johnny Jusic, Managing Director @ ASTIA

An all-in-one, automated, cloud-based solution

After a thorough analysis of the systems available on the market, the team at ASTIA engaged contactSPACE to be the software solution to serve their business. Immediately, the benefits of this decision were evident.

contactSPACE took the time to understand our business and have essentially become an extension of our team—they kept us involved every step of the way of the implementation and we regularly connect to discuss future initiatives.

– Glendon Evarts, General Manager @ ASTIA

contactSPACE began by building an integration to ASTIA’s CRM and marketing automation technology. This enables leads to be automatically routed to an available and appropriately skilled agent, and then automatically dialled as soon as an expression of interest was registered. After every call, contactSPACE completes the necessary administrational work within the CRM automatically.

We need to contact customers immediately, and crucially, before anybody else does. We’re always at the front of the queue in our customers’ eyes because we’re their first point of contact. Before contactSPACE, there was no prompting, so an agent had to manually retrieve leads – now the risk of losing an opportunity has been significantly reduced.

– Scott Bailey, Head of Operations @ ASTIA

After the initial build and the initiation of the contact stage, the focus was helping ASTIA measure their performance.

Since moving to contactSPACE, we have unparalleled visibility. Our agents have their KPIs displayed to them on the agent dashboard and our management has a variety of supervisory dashboards and reports available. Additionally, we utilise the quality assurance, transcription and emotional analysis modules.

– Scott Bailey, Head of Operations @ ASTIA


The team grew rapidly – from fewer than 10 agents initially to above 50 within 12 months – and there are no signs of slowing down.

We’ve had to move 3 times due the growth we’ve had, we’ve never had any issues with picking up and leaving as it’s all cloud-based.

– Scott Bailey, Head of Operations @ ASTIA

Agent Efficiency

Almost immediately, ASTIA’s contacts per hour soared, and more importantly, their conversions per hour increased by a whopping 50%.

Performance Visibility

Agents just log straight on, and they are presented with whatever work we’ve assigned them and they can keep track of their KPIs.

– Jonathan Batterham, Sales and Service Manager @ ASTIA

Without contactSPACE, we wouldn’t have been able to track and report at the same level.

– Scott Bailey, Head of Operations @ ASTIA

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