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How CES provides incredible customer service, while maintaining agility in periods of growth – with contactSPACE.

“If you’re looking for a contact centre solution that has the strength and flexibility to meet the needs of a growing business, I would definitely recommend contactSPACE.”

Paul Ho – Contact Centre Operations Manager @ CES

Keeping Australia Beautiful

On the 1st of November 2018, the Queensland government launched its container deposit scheme, called “Containers for Change”.

Each year, approximately three billion beverage containers are generated in the state alone, and are the second most littered item.

To help Australia recycle more waste, and keep our beautiful environment litter-free, the Containers for Change scheme provides a 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned to a refund point.

As the organisation responsible for servicing the container deposit scheme, Container Exchange Services (CES) faces a complex challenge.

Their team must respond to requests from both existing and potential customer and participants, no matter which container refund point the request is in relation to.

We may have customers in the middle of nowhere at a container refund point who need to contact us immediately. So, it’s very important for us to be available, reactive and very responsive.

Customers also raise a wide array of different queries, all of which require a prompt, accurate response.

…there may be questions that are related to any part of the scheme. In turn, there can be a significant complexity in how we respond to these sorts of queries.

As a result, it was critical for CES to find a solution that would thrive in a varied support environment with a variety of different ongoing initiatives.

Managing Ongoing Growth

Since Containers For Change launched, CES has seen the scheme grow in popularity significantly, leading to an explosion in inbound enquiries.

The network of container refund points has continuously expanded since CES deployed contactSPACE – and the scheme still continues to grow.

To date there are over 200,000 people enrolled in the scheme… and that’s still growing at a significantly fast rate.

CES knew that their contact centre solution had to provide the agility to meet and support their needs, and handle the continued growth of the team.

There’s a lot of moving parts and a lot of growth happening. So, communication is important – especially in relation to supporting the customers and participants.

The Perfect Fit

CES were looking for a solution that would “just work” to support the other business processes at play in their organisation.

Capturing and accessing the correct information to support each and every interaction in real time is of paramount importance to the business.

The most important part of our decision was the ability to easily integrate the contact centre solution into the organisation, to support our business processes.

Importantly, it was clear that contactSPACE had the power to handle multiple concurrent initiatives, each of varying complexity.

We’ve got several different initiatives, supporting each of the customer types, and each of the needs, whether it is queries relating to logistics, technology, operations or any other part of the container refund scheme.

Ease Of Use

Although CES manages significant complexity in its initiatives, contactSPACE is able to eliminate much of the complexity in day-to-day contact centre operations.

This enables team leaders and agents to get the most out of contactSPACE, as opposed to spending their time worrying about technical issues.

It’s important for us to have a solution that’s not only easy to use, but one that gives us the tools we need to continually improve our contact centre performance.

Importantly, ongoing optimisations can be made on the fly, allowing CES incredible agility in managing initiatives and their associated workflows.

With contactSPACE, we are able to custom-build and adjust the screens and fields and everything. That’s a real bonus…
​When we looked at other solutions on the market, the tools that were available to manage and adjust the solution were very limited in comparison.

Training agents to use the system was also an easy process, allowing CES the agility to onboard new team members in hours, not days.

Training the agents to use contactSPACE was very easy and almost instantaneous.


The quality of the interaction is of utmost importance to the CES team. It’s crucial that the right information is delivered to the right customer, in order to consistently deliver customer experience that exceeds expectations.

contactSPACE provides the visibility the team needs to perform proper quality assurance, allowing them to consistently improve performance.

For quality assurance, contactSPACE is just easy to use – it provides the ability to create data feeds and custom questions and question types effortlessly.

More broadly, contactSPACE reports allow the leadership team to identify and resolve any issues as they arise.

[with reports], I’m able to see any anomalies in any of the initiatives my team are working on. The ability to change the parameters of what I’m reporting on with a simple click is truly unique.

Plus, contactSPACE dashboards allow the team to keep their fingers on the pulse, tracking performance 24/7.

Different dashboards are used across the entire team, helping keep staff motivated and on-track throughout each working day.

Having a wallboard up there in the contact centre typically creates transparency for everyone, not just the team leaders or the contact centre managers of course, but also the agents, which is important. The dashboards are our eye in the sky.

Ongoing Growth

Supporting the Queensland Government, CES has helped grow the Containers for Change scheme from 0 to nearly 300+ active container refund points – endeavoring to provide scheme access to some of the most remote areas across Queensland.

CES has been able to seamlessly manage the associated growth in the volume of enquiries it is receiving using contactSPACE.

If you’re looking for contact centre solution that has plenty of tools and flexibility to meet the needs of a growing business, I would definitely recommend contactSPACE.

Satisfied Customers

contactSPACE can also manage out-of-hours enquiries, equipping the team to respond to these questions as they arrive back in the office.

We set up the after hours, voicemail and message-back as well. So, in reality, our customers are supported through contactSPACE 24/7.

No customer is left behind in the CES contact centre. contactSPACE enables the team to get the right response to the right inquiry, each and every time.

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