Engage with customers on their preferred communication channel

Blended Voice

Voice enables customers to speak directly with an agent for immediate, personal engagement.  Maximise agent productivity by cross-skilling them on inbound and outbound, reducing inactivity. All you need is a browser and a headset to start talking to your customers.

Voice can be blended with any other channel(s).

Contact centre agent speaking directly with a customer.


Automated email confirmation of relevant information is just a single click from within contactSPACE, making following up quick and easy. You can also convert inbound emails into call backs and add them automatically to the agent queue.

Email can be blended with any other channel(s).


Convenience is the number one reason that customers appreciate SMS messaging, and it’s also an incredibly efficient form of communication. Send an SMS to confirm a booking, a time, or share a link during or at the end of a call using our templated responses.

SMS can be blended with any other channel(s).

Live Chat

Maximise agent productivity by responding with templated responses to common questions and multiple chats at once.

Blend live chat into either inbound or outbound agent skills to increase productivity.

Live Chat can be blended with any other channel(s).


It’s possible to have a face-to-face customer interaction with video chat, which is often the preferred channel as it’s more personal than other channels and it helps build rapport with agents.

Video can be blended with any other channel(s).

A contact centre agent communicating using video.


Soon you’ll be able to engage with your customers on popular social media networks. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be notified when it becomes available.

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