Oxfam New Zealand Case Study

How the Oxfam New Zealand calling team deliver incredible results for their stakeholders – with contactSPACE

“I think that 2020 has taught us that adaptability is the key to fundraising.”

​”It’s really valuable to have an agile calling solution that allows you to make all of your different types of calls in one place.”

— Ben Morris, Regular Giving Acquisition & Contact Centre Manager

Ensuring agility

Oxfam New Zealand performs many different types of supporter engagement calls.

We do direct acquisition of donors, as well as upgrades, reactivation, and retention.

As a result, the team requires an agile, all-in-one calling solution, that allows them to deliver effective, efficient contact on each of their different campaigns.

Helping internal stakeholders

The team also works closely with internal Oxfam stakeholders, such as the major donor team.

We might develop a calling strategy for active supporters to provide opportunities for them to upgrade to major donors, or engage with Oxfam in additional ways.

In addition, the contact centre team also helps out with events and broader fundraising campaigns, such as the annual Oxfam Trailwalker event.

Our role is to help acquire new participants for the event, and, later, act as fundraising coaches for the trailwalkers. Midway through the fundraising period, we’ll deliver tailored coaching for individual participants depending on their fundraising to date.

For the team, it’s crucial that they’re able to easily optimise their messaging and contact strategies based on the types of calls being made, and the goals of each specific campaign.

Unlocking smarter contact

Oxfam NZ is able to contact more people more likely to convert, using contactSPACE target filters.

We might find that a certain subset of a certain dataset converts really well and has a great fulfilment rate. With contactSPACE filters, we can prioritise these records above other records that don’t convert as well. This is extremely powerful, especially with large datasets.

The team found that for each additional call attempt, a given supporter’s probability of picking up declined significantly. Using contactSPACE, Oxfam NZ can create business rules to automatically prioritise records based on the number of attempts, to improve efficiency.

Another thing we do is look at the dial attempts. We often prioritise the first and second attempts, because we’re more likely to get in contact.

For Oxfam NZ, the ability to create extremely targeted contact strategies is invaluable.

You can filter by any of the headers you’ve made, which is super useful.

Improving efficiency

As well as making smarter, more targeted contact, Oxfam NZ has been able to improve efficiency using contactSPACE productivity enhancement tools.

We use auto-wrap on every campaign, plus quick-wrap on all the outcomes as well, to help reduce wrap time. This is one of the reasons why our talk time is so high.

Oxfam NZ also use progressive dialling, to help their callers make more efficient contact.

For a caller, the less buttons they have to click, the better. The progressive dialler has really helped to lift our productivity.

Empowering callers to be successful

For callers, contactSPACE is very intuitive to use. New team members can get started extremely quickly.

contactSPACE helps admins build complete call workflows, making it easy for callers to be successful almost instantly.

If you show someone contactSPACE and get them sat next to someone for an hour, they should be up and running later on that day.

The calling team can also work closely with their supervisors to continually optimise initiative settings.

Callers might notice that a lot of people are really interested in leaving a gift in their will for example. If they point out something like this, I can easily edit the interface and add a dynamic field to help capture this information.

Plus, callbacks are also extremely easy for callers to manage.

You can see your previous calls and easily call back, which is really important.

Improving agility

Above all, contactSPACE has allowed the team to be successful on many different types of calls within a single solution, which has been a big help.

The fact that contactSPACE is so agile, adaptable, and customisable is really important to us.

Incredible campaign performance

With contactSPACE, Oxfam NZ is able to consistently meet and exceed their campaign goals.

In early 2019, the team launched one of the biggest upgrade campaigns they’d ever undertaken – and the team were very happy with their performance.

I don’t think that we’d have been able to achieve the results we did in the time that we did, and with the ability to translate this data back into the CRM in the way that we needed to, if we didn’t have contactSPACE.

Exceptional talk time

With contactSPACE, Oxfam NZ has also been able to achieve a phenomenal talk time percentage.

Of the time callers spend working, 70% is spent talking to supporters.

Conversations and conversions

By building more intelligent contact strategies, Oxfam NZ is now able to achieve better results, with fewer calls.

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