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About us

contactSPACE is an all-in-one alumni and supporter engagement solution, which enables you to to make better-quality, more efficient outbound contact.

We help not-for-profit organisations and universities achieve better fundraising results on phonathon campaigns, as well as long-term supporter engagement initiatives.

Who we help

contactSPACE helps some of the world’s leading charities, NGOs, and universities deliver better phonathon results.

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Intelligent outbound

contactSPACE enables you to make intelligent, automated contact with your alumni or supporters.

You can define extremely specific contact strategies, to help make the best possible contact at any given moment.

For example, you can prioritise calling certain types of supporters that are more likely to donate, to maximise funds raised on your phonathon campaigns.

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Powerful skills-based routing

As well as creating intelligent contact strategies to define how supporters will be contacted, you can also define skills-based routing rules to determine who they’ll speak to.

For example, as a university, you can ensure that business students only speak with business alumni.

You can also optimise your ask based on who you’re calling. For example, you might like to ask medicine graduates to contribute towards medical research.

Auto dialling

After defining your contact strategies and skills-based routing rules, you can use one of four contactSPACE auto dialling modes to make efficient supporter contact.

  1. Preview dialler: the record is displayed in contactSPACE, and the caller can dial when they decide to.
  2. Progressive dialler: similar to the preview dialler, but the caller only gets a set amount of time before the call is made automatically. Progressive and preview diallers are generally recommended for phonathon campaigns.
  3. Predictive dialler: calls are made in advance, and allocated to callers automatically as they become available.
  4. Manual dialler: records can be manually dialled where necessary, helping you make one-off calls as needed.

contactSPACE also shows callers their previous calls and allows for scheduled callbacks, helping you get back in touch with supporters when you reach them at a bad time.

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Get in a rhythm – with CallGuides

On phonathon campaigns, you need to keep callers on-message to ensure effective contact. This is true for all universities and NGOs, but it’s especially true if you use volunteers or student callers.

However, you can’t use word-for-word scripts, otherwise your messaging might sound clunky.

contactSPACE CallGuides are a workflow and messaging management solution that helps callers be successful from the moment they begin calling.

You can build out content for every stage of the call, making a conversation framework. This allows you to ensure effective messaging, without relying on a clunky word-for-word script.

Plus, callers can edit fields, write call notes, and log outcomes within the CallGuide, ensuring you track the data that matters.

contactSPACE CallGuides example.

 – contactSPACE customer in the fundraising space

Being able to use images, video, and animated GIFs in the CallGuide can prove extremely powerful in inspiring phonathon callers.

Support caller success

contactSPACE is built on a philosophy of human-centred design. For your callers, this means that they can learn how to use the system in as little as a few hours, with no complex training necessary.

All buttons and other interface elements are colour-coded, making it easy for callers to see where they need to go to find the information they need.

The language used in the solution is also extremely easy to understand. Your callers don’t need contact centre experience to be successful with contactSPACE.

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No IT knowledge necessary

For admins, you can undertake a successful phonathon campaign with no coding/IT experience necessary.

contactSPACE allows you to create and optimise your initiatives and interfaces, without having to rely on external support. The admin interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to be successful no matter your level of technical expertise.

With contactSPACE, you can focus on helping your team make the best supporter/alumni contact possible, rather than having to spend time worrying about dealing with technical complexities.

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