Sliqpay Case Study

How Sliqpay seamlessly manages inbound and outbound interactions in a single environment – with contactSPACE

“I couldn’t be more appreciative of the support that we got, and continue to receive.”

– Craig Guyan, Chief Risk Officer

Managing complexity

Sliqpay is a leading fintech solutions provider that helps dental and healthcare organisations provide flexible payment options for their customers.

The team handles a wide range of interactions, including outbound collections conversations, as well as B2B and B2C inbound customer service calls.

We have inbound enquiries from our B2B providers around particular plans and payments, and on the B2C side, we have people enquiring about anything from “can I have a statement” to health fund enquiries.

And being a payment plan provider, there is certainly a large collections element to our work as well.

Sliqpay needed a solution that would help them to seamlessly manage all different types of B2C and B2B enquiries, while also enabling the team to efficiently work through a significant volume of collections calls.

Outbound automation

Because collections is an important aspect of the Sliqpay business, the team needed the ability to make efficient outbound contact.

Previously, we had limited dialler automation… we were looking to ensure that we were following up in a timely fashion.

Enabling flexible repayments

When it comes to collections, the Sliqpay philosophy is to give customers the freedom to choose how they would like to make payments.

We’re very much of the belief that you have to enable customer choice.

As a result, the team needed a contact centre solution that would seamlessly fit in with their omnichannel workflows. In particular, agents needed complete visibility into previous interactions with each client, to help them deliver a better customer experience.

Workload automation

Sliqpay uses contactSPACE to create blended call queues, ensuring that agents simply log in to the solution, and immediately know what they need to do next.

On a basic level, if there’s an inbound call waiting, this gets prioritised, and if there are no inbound calls waiting, we make an outbound call.

When making outbound calls, contactSPACE helps agents to deliver a quality interaction, without having to leave the agent interface.

Each case manager has a portfolio of cases that they look after, so when an outbound call occurs, we prioritise one of these cases, and preview the record on the agent interface. Then, once they’ve performed a brief investigation and looked at the case details, the agent can make the call with a single click.

Seamless integration

In addition, contactSPACE helped Sliqpay to build a custom Netsuite ERP integration, ensuring that agents have access to all the information they need to make effective contact.

When we get an inbound call, 70-80% of the time we can identify the customer and bring up their record automatically, which has been extremely helpful.

Once a call is completed, we push the call notes and outcomes back into Netsuite, so we have a full customer history. The efficiency we get out of this is excellent.

Ease of use

Using contactSPACE, Sliqpay has the agility they need to easily create new outbound calling campaigns.

When we start a new outbound campaign, we’re able to get up and running in a matter of hours and begin seeing results very quickly.

Once campaigns are up and running, it’s also easy for Sliqpay to optimise their contact strategies, and continually improve performance.

I always engage with the people on the front line to see what’s working for them – the system is so intuitive that I can make tweaks on the fly, and easily see what works and what doesn’t.

PCI compliance

When collecting payments from clients, Sliqpay is able to ensure PCI compliance – using pcipayspace by contactSPACE.

Customers make payments using their phone keypad, and the call recording is paused, ensuring complete compliance.

PCI compliance is crucial for us when taking payments over the phone.

Improved outbound dialling capability

Using contactSPACE auto diallers, Sliqpay has been able to increase its outbound dialling capabilities by 50%.

With contactSPACE Intelligent Outbound, the team can now reach more people more quickly, and improve collection rates.

Sliqpay dialling volumes graph.

Streamlined workflows

Since deploying contactSPACE, Sliqpay has been able to massively increase efficiency by seamlessly combining inbound and outbound contact with their clients.

As a result, agent workflows are now much more streamlined. Inbound and outbound activities are automatically prioritised and allocated across the team throughout the day, helping to improve productivity.

contactSPACE enabled us to streamline our daily workflows through the automation of our inbound and outbound workflows. We no longer need to schedule time for each activity separately, which has significantly increased our efficiency.

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