SunDoctors Case Study

Learn how contactSPACE helps SunDoctors diagnose patients early.

“We saw an 80% increase in contacts.”

Anthony Augustine – Head Of Commercial Operations

Moving beyond Excel

With a team of over 200 staff located across the eastern seaboard, SunDoctors were looking for a sophisticated contact centre solution to replace the spreadsheet system they were previously using. This antiquated method of managing contacts was the Achilles heel in an organisation known for its use of the latest technology in patient diagnosis and treatment.

After speaking with SunDoctor’s Head of Commercial Operations, Anthony Augustine, it became clear that it was taking the organisation a very long time to contact patients – and there were also issues surrounding record keeping of calls.

SunDoctors were looking to gain greater efficiencies in their contact centre – they knew that they had to move beyond Excel. However, the team also wanted to improve the patient experience, and make it easier for their agents to make bookings

Easy implementation

SunDoctors were able to get up and running with contactSPACE in next to no time. The implementation process and transition from Excel sheets was easy and hassle-free.

Post-deployment, ongoing support is provided to SunDoctors through contactSPACE customer success. The team is always available to handle any general or technical enquiries that happen to come up.

The implementation of contactSPACE was quick! The customer support team were fantastic and we’re very pleased with the changes that have been made to our business.

The contactSPACE team also provide SunDoctors with additional customer support through a process of monitoring, data analysis, and the provision of ongoing recommendations, to improve their contact centre efficiency.

This level of customer support provides incredible peace of mind to SunDoctors, and was one of the key attributes that distinguished contactSPACE from the competition.

Improved insights

With contactSPACE, SunDoctors gained access to powerful analytics capabilities, with the freedom to generate any number of reports either in Excel or external reporting tools.

SunDoctors now have the ability to track the metrics that matter, including agent activity, handle times, and service levels.

More contacts

contactSPACE made the lives of SunDoctors’ users and managers infinitely easier – no longer did their team have to grapple with the inefficiency of using Excel. When technical issues did come up, the dedicated contactSPACE customer success team was on hand to provide a quick solution.

In fact, SunDoctors saw an immediate 80% increase in their daily calls after making the switch to contactSPACE – such was the intuitiveness of the interface and clarity of the reports produced by the solution.

Increased efficiency

SunDoctors have integrated their business intelligence platform as well as their booking system into the contactSPACE CallGuides® module, ensuring a seamless agent experience. As a result, average handling time has fallen dramatically – agents are able to find the perfect booking slots for each patient in no time at all.

SunDoctors have become a lifetime customer and advocate of of contactSPACE.

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