Virtual Contact Centre Case Study

How a leading BPO rewrote the rulebook on remote working – with contactSPACE.

“I think we looked at every option on the market, and contactSPACE stood head and shoulders above the others.”

– Founder and Managing Director

Remote agents

This business process outsourcer has an incredibly unique take on the telephone fundraising business model. Instead of having a bricks and mortar contact centre, they rely entirely on remote workers to power their operations. In fact, they have always operated fully remotely – even before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

This raises a number of challenges for the business – both in terms of agent management and the logistics of enabling easy remote access to the user interface.

Workers who choose to work from their home offices require flexible hours, which can prove costly and cumbersome with traditional call centre solutions. Remote staff also need an easy-to-use system that doesn’t require extensive in-person training or IT support.

Choosing contactSPACE

Having first evaluated other options on the market, the team realised that many solutions were simply incompatible with their business model.

Some systems were not focused on solving problems at all; others didn’t provide real-time monitoring of agent activity and many simply lacked effective remote support capabilities.

The solution needed to be accessible through a browser, be easy to use, have minimal necessary training time, and come with a cost model that provided exceptional value for the business.

Additionally, the organisation were looking for a provider who was willing to working with them to address their unique requirements, rather than supplying a one size fits all implementation.

Ultimately, the team found the perfect solution in contactSPACE.

From the first demo of contactSPACE, I was struck by the intelligent and intuitive design. I think we looked at every option on the market and contactSPACE stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Having the ability to monitor agents in real-time was proving to be invaluable, not only in managing the business’s operations but also in being able to demonstrate its services to clients.

The intuitive, modern design brings voice and digital channels together with simple, powerful products and services. contactSPACE’s Australian-based support team and flexible pricing model made the decision easy for the business.

I had faith in contactSPACE, as they made us a priority and helped us realise a solution that delivered on our requirements, as well as being the most cost-effective solution in the market.

A virtual workforce

As a 100% virtual platform, contactSPACE allowed the consistent growth of the business’s operations without the need for a physical office location. In addition to this, onboarding new staff was a breeze as the business expanded. The team is now able to employ who they like, regardless of geographic location.


Apart from a quantum leap in operational efficiency and visibility, the platform is delivering outcomes which have propelled business growth.

The close working relationship we have with contactSPACE allows us to quickly overcome issues and the get the most out of the system’s functionality.


The business has also been extremely impressed with the level of support provided by contactSPACE.

contactSPACE’s client base had grown considerably since we first came onboard, including bringing on some much larger clients. Despite this growth, contactSPACE has continued to provide us timely support.

​As a small business with a critical dependency on the platform, these are the things we ultimately need from a supplier.

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