Top 5 ways to increase sales in 2018


#1 -Respond Immediately to enquiries.

Always follow-up on contacts who download your website content. Ideally, call them within 20min of receiving their details, and crucially before they talk to your competitors! If you can’t get hold of them on the phone or if you’re blocked by the gatekeeper, send them an email. 

#2 – Increase sales revenue with more cross-selling & up-selling.

With the low comparative cost of cross-selling vs new customer acquisition, and given the additional benefits of increasing retention rates and making more sales, it makes sense to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. To be successful, you’ll first need to be prepared before you make an outbound call to a customer. This means gaining an understand of the customer’s needs, have visibility into their purchasing behaviour and being aware of current promotions.  In 2018, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have immediate access to this information via cloud-based CRM’s and contact centre software.

If you’re new to sales, the best way to get up to speed and performing like a seasoned sales professional is to use on-screen prompts and scripts that guide you through the call. Supervisors can provide coaching and training by listening in to calls, which will help sharpen your pitch and build your confidence.

#3 – Prepare adequately before each call to be more successful.

As highlighted in tip #2, being prepared before placing calls to prospects is also crucial. Other ways in which you can gain insights into your prospect, include using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to identify the key decision maker and checking the company website and blogs. You’ll learn about what they do, what potential pain points they might have, and how you can match your product or service to alleviate them. It’s also important that you check the contact centre software to see if there’s been any prior contact with the prospect.

Good leads are hard to come by, or at least expensive to generate, so being prepared significantly improves the success rate, and if you’ve done your homework right, you’ll also have prepared tailored objection handling tactics. Do the prep, ask the right questions, and don’t waste good leads!

#4 – Use latest cloud technologies to become more effective in reaching and delivering your message.

In 2018 most businesses are either already in the cloud or in the process of migrating their systems to the cloud. With cloud-based CRMs and contact centre software working seamlessly with out of the box integrations, it’s a no-brainer! If you’ve never used a purpose-built cloud-based contact centre solution before (not just diallers), you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the plethora of sales enablement tools available to you, from anywhere in the world. That’s the cool thing about cloud-based technologies- you’re not tied to the desk!

#5 – Don’t forget to celebrate the wins and stay motivated.

Most sales professionals will agree that it takes more than just money in the bank to stay motivated, so do something visible and tangible to celebrate the act of making the sale! Hand out cash 🙂 , pop some Champagne, give away some Gold-class movie tickets, ring a bell or take a swing at a gong – it’s all good fun and motivating. Use individual success as an opportunity to motivate the entire team and ensure that goals that are set are attainable. Celebrate the wins, regularly and always! 

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