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Fundraising & Donor Management Software for Non-Profits

Increase your donations and reduce your costs


Focus on achieving your fundraising objectives without the complexity!


Why do fundraising organisations and not-for-profits choose solutions from contactSPACE?

We have a wealth of experience implementing solutions across a variety of fundraising and NFPs including WWF, Amnesty International, Ourtel and more! With unparalleled support  and expertise in global implementations, contactSPACE can help you identify opportunities for significant increases in donations.

contactSPACE provides a cloud-based contact centre technology solution that is powerful for fundraising and donor management, yet very cost effective. Our solution enables your teams to raise more money and cultivate valuable donor relationships by improving the efficiency of your operation. 

contactSPACE is packed with powerful tools such as the proprietary CallGuides® that are solely designed to help you raise more money for your campaigns. With faster, guided communication, you'll be reaching more donors and getting better results.


► Clearer messaging with CallGuides®

► Reduced cost per dollar raised (CPDR)

► Simple PCI compliance

► Improved donor retention rates

► More contacts per hour

► Easy activation of volunteer networks


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Why contactSPACE?

API integration.
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove duplication
  • Automate tasks
Omnichannel communication.
  • Single user interface
  • Voice, SMS, Email, Chat
  • "Call Me Now" web widgets
PCI compliance.
  • Maintain Call Recordings
  • Protect your customers privacy
  • Reduce your cost of compliance
Performance dashboards.
  • Live performance dashboards
  • Extensive Reporting
  • All data accessible through API
Custom CallGuides®.
  • CallGuides™ with dynamic page flow
  • Reduce the cost of on-boarding
  • Increase donations
Advanced diallers.
  • Preview, Progressive, Predictive
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Configurable call attempt rules
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