MonDial Case Study

How MonDial, a telephone fundraising agency, significantly reduced technical complexity – with contactSPACE.

“contactSPACE is a flexible and reliable solution that is well supported by a team who were happy to gain an understanding of our business needs and requirements”.

Ashley Rose – CEO


MonDial work in partnership with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations including UNICEF, Save The Children, PLAN International and Guide Dogs.

They also operate in a complex environment; simultaneously managing a myriad of campaigns for a range of different clients.


MonDial were initially using a European-based scripting solution that demanded a large investment in full-time scriptwriters, and would often slow down almost to a complete stop each time a report was run.

They also experienced difficulty in building interfaces into the complicated call scripting platform, causing additional friction for the users.

Compounding these issues, Mondial received poor ongoing support from the supplier they were struggling with.

We faced communication issues with the European-based vendor. There was also a lack of customisation and we didn’t have an API to our database. We needed a local supplier.

A Bad Taste

MonDial had previously engaged another well-known Australian cloud-based contact centre system provider. This company failed to address MonDial’s needs and, in the end, they simply couldn’t get the project over the line.

This disappointing experience not only left MonDial without a solution, but it also left them feeling stranded – with the impression that nobody could help. As a result, they were a little unsure how best to proceed.

MonDial had an existing PABX with “dumb” terminals. This presented a problem because it’s impossible to use softphones with terminals – they share the same IP address.

contactSPACE resolved this issue by speaking directly with MonDial’s PABX provider and then building a trunk between the platforms to facilitate the agents’ softphone connections. Effectively, we created a link between MonDial’s PABX and our environment to make it all work.

In addition, MonDial use the contactSPACE pageflow rules within the scripting functionality to ensure data is checked as the agent moves between screens within their CallGuides®. This helps to optimise the quality of MonDial’s conversations on an everyday basis. The team also take advantage of the template tool to allow speedy creation of common types of initiatives.

Agent Efficiency

Due to the ease-of-use on offer to users, MonDial saw a 30% reduction in call-handling time after switching to contactSPACE.

Team leaders at Mondial also found the system incredibly intuitive to use.

contactSPACE is a well-designed, modern, cloud contact centre solution.

contactSPACE also enabled MonDial to eliminate much of the manual processes required by other solutions.


MonDial have since launched pcipayspace, a Tier 1 PCI-compliant payment solution built by contactSPACE that removes them from the scope of PCI compliance when taking credit card payments over the phone.

Agents can now control the entire payment process without being exposed to credit card details, ensuring a seamless payment experience.


Often, it’s not about who can provide the biggest bucket of features, but rather who is willing to go the extra mile to properly understand the business problem and provide an awesome solution.

contactSPACE helped MonDial reduce ongoing operational and technical overheads whilst simultaneously improving agent productivity and the sophistication of their campaigns.

The assistance provided by contactSPACE was vital in getting us to where we are now. contactSPACE and its API has enabled us to achieve more than we ever could previously.

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